Saturday , July 13 2024

How much does a plate of food cost on the train?

Millions of people travel by train every day in India, many of whom travel from one corner of the country to another using this mode of transport. During these voyages, passengers often have to take advantage of onboard dining services.

Several instances have been shared on social media where vendors provide food of questionable quality to passengers. Passengers often complain to the Railways about vendors serving unhygienic or substandard food, following which railway officials take action against such vendors.


In express trains, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) provides food services for which different charges apply. The price of a plate of food in trains starts from Rs 80. This thali consists of vegetarian food with rice, roti, dal and vegetables.


Apart from the vegetarian thali, passengers also have the option to choose the non-vegetarian thali, which is priced at Rs 90 or Rs 130. The Rs 90 thali also includes egg curry.

Similarly, IRCTC has fixed prices for tea and water onboard. However, there have also been cases where sellers charge more than the prescribed rates. Passengers often express their concerns, due to which corrective steps are taken by the railway authorities.