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How many fasts should be observed to please Lord Vishnu? Know how to do Udyapan!

In Hindu religion, Thursday fast is observed to get the blessings of Lord Jupiter and the blessings of Lord Vishnu. If you want to end your bad luck and increase your prosperity then fasting on Thursday is highly recommended. People who are facing obstacles in their marriage are advised to keep fast on Thursday because it is believed that by the grace of Lord Vishnu, auspicious chances of marriage are formed soon. This practice not only removes life's problems but also brings happiness.

Before fasting on Thursday, it is important to understand some rules to get its full benefits. The ruling planet of Thursday is Jupiter and if Jupiter is weak in someone's horoscope then it can cause many problems in life. By observing fast on Thursday, Jupiter can be strengthened and blessings of Lord Vishnu can also be obtained.

Importance of Thursday fast:

Thursday's fast is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. People who are facing obstacles in their endeavors or facing obstacles in their marriage are advised to observe fast on Thursday. This practice is considered the most effective way to overcome life's challenges. However, questions may arise regarding the auspiciousness of observing Thursday fast and the key points to be kept in mind to make it more effective. Let's learn about it in depth.


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How many Thursdays should you fast:

To fulfill any wish, you can fast for 16 Thursdays. After completing 16 Thursdays, complete the closing ceremony as per the rituals on 17th Thursday. If you are fasting for happiness and prosperity in life, then you can continue it indefinitely, as long as you want. Alternatively, if you are making a commitment for a specific number of years, you can choose to fast for 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 years.


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Closing ceremony of Thursday fast:

To conclude the fast on Thursday, buy all the essential items like gram dal, jaggery, turmeric, banana, papaya and yellow cloth. After completing 16 Thursdays, hold the closing ceremony on the 17th Thursday. Wear yellow clothes after taking bath on the chosen day. Meditate on Lord Vishnu and chant mantras. Then offer five yellow things to Lord Vishnu. After this, at the end of the fast on Thursday, conclude the closing ceremony by offering Kheer as a special Prasad to Lord Vishnu. While completing the ritual, keep water in your hands and offer it to Lord Vishnu. Finally worship the banana plant and donate food and clothes to the needy.