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How is it decided who will be given what kind of bungalow? Senior MPs get the benefit of this | Live Updates, Unveiling the Latest India News Trends

Government Bungalow Allotment: The government has been formed at the center under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 72 ministers including the Prime Minister have already taken oath. Now MPs are going to take oath for the 18th Lok Sabha. Leaders who are already ministers and MPs have housing but newly elected MPs and ministers will be allotted housing in Delhi. The question arises as to how government housing is allotted to Union ministers and MPs. Bungalows are allotted to MPs and ministers on the basis of seniority. Union ministers and MPs have been allotted housing in Lutyens Zone of Delhi. For this, the rules and conditions of the General Pool Residential Housing Act are followed.

Housing is provided under this Act

In the year 1922, a department, Directorate of Housing was created under the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. This department is responsible for the maintenance of central government properties across the country. They also look after the bungalows and flats of ministers and MPs. They are also responsible for allotment and eviction. Along with this department, the Housing Committee of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha also plays a major role in allocating housing to MPs. The housing is allotted under the Common Pool Residential Housing Act.

This is the government residence in Delhi

There are 17 different types of government houses, houses, hostels, flats and guest houses in Lutyens Zone. North Avenue, South Avenue, Vishwambhar Das Marg, Meena Bagh, Baba Kharag Singh Marg, Tilak Lane and Vitthal Bhai Patel House in central Delhi have government residences, which are allotted to cabinet, state ministers and MPs. The total number of residences is stated to be 3,959, out of which a total of 517 residences are available for Lok Sabha members, of which 159 are bungalows. Apart from this there are 37 twin flats. 193 single flats, 96 flats in multi-storey buildings and 32 single regular houses.

A senior MP lives in a bungalow like a cabinet minister

Accommodation is allotted on the basis of seniority and category. Central employees and officers are provided with the smallest Type-I to Type-IV accommodations. After that, Type-VI to Type-VIII bungalows and residences are allotted to Union Ministers, Ministers of State and MPs. First-time MPs are usually allotted Type-V bungalows. If an MP is elected more than once, he or she may also be allotted Type-VII and Type-VII bungalows. This Type-VIII bungalow is also allotted to Cabinet Ministers, Supreme Court Judges, former President, former Vice President, former Prime Minister and Chairman of the Finance Commission.

The biggest and the finest bungalow is Type-VIII

Type-VIII bungalows are considered to be of the best category. This bungalow is spread over an area of ​​about three acres. Its main building has five bedrooms. Apart from this, there is also a hall, a dining room and a study room. There is also a room for guests and a servant quarter. All such bungalows are built on Janpath, Thyagaraj Marg, Akbar Road, Krishna Menon Marg, Safdarjung Road, Motilal Nehru Marg and Tughlaq Road.

Minister of State and Rahul Gandhi live in Type-VII bungalow

After this comes the Type-VII bungalow which is spread over an area of ​​one and a half acres. This bungalow has 4 bedrooms. Such bungalows are built in Ashok Marg, Kushak Road, Lodhi Estate, Tughlaq Lane and Canning Lane. These bungalows are usually given to state ministers, Delhi High Court judges and leaders who have been MPs five times. Rahul Gandhi's much talked about bungalow 12, Tughlaq Lane is of this type.

Type-V accommodation is provided upon being elected as an MP for the first time

Type-V bungalows or residences are given to those leaders who have become MPs for the first time. A first-time elected MP is allotted a Type-VI bungalow if he has already been an MLA or minister in his state. Thus Type-V has four different categories and the bungalows have one more bedroom per category. Type-V (A) provides accommodation with a drawing room and a bedroom set. Type-V (B) has a drawing room and two bedrooms. Apart from this, Type-V (C) has three bedrooms and a drawing room and Type-V (D) has four bedrooms. Twin Flat Type-V (A/A), Twin Flat Type-V (A/B) and Twin Flat Type V (B-B) are also allotted to MPs.

Responsibility of care at government expense

The more senior a leader is or the higher the position he reaches, the bigger the accommodation he is allotted. If an MP is unable to get accommodation and stays in a hotel in Delhi, the rent is also paid by the government. Apart from this, the government provides free electricity and water to the MPs in all these bungalows and residences. Washing of curtains is also completely free. A separate allowance is given for its maintenance. If its cost is more than 30 thousand rupees, then approval has to be taken from the Ministry of Urban Development. Only the Housing Committee gives approval for 30 thousand or less.