How effective is the booster dose of Covaccine on Omicron and Delta variants? got this answer

New Delhi: Bharat Biotech has claimed that the booster dose of Covaxin is effective in neutralizing the Omicron variant of Kovid-19. The company said that this has been proved in a study conducted at Emory University in America.

Effective on the previous five variants

The company said that an earlier study had proved that the efficacy of Covaxin is unmatched even against worrying variants of Corona such as Alpha, Beta, Delta, Zeta and Kappa. Hyderabad-based pharmaceutical company Bharat Biotech said that in recent research it has been found that people who have had both doses of Covaccine. When he applied a booster dose of the vaccine after 6 months, he neutralized the Omicron and Delta variants of Corona.

‘Prolonged protection against booster doses’

The company claimed that the booster dose of the vaccine will provide long-term protection from corona. Its spectacular results have already been seen during the trial. Bharat Biotech has said that the booster dose of Covaccine is completely safe and has proved successful in building immunity. Antibody reaction against the white type strain of corona has also been seen in 90 percent of the people taking its dose.

‘Safety from Omicron and Delta variants’

Mehul Suthar, assistant professor at the Emory Vaccine Center, said: “This preliminary data suggests that people taking a booster dose of Covaxin have significant protection against both the Omicron and Delta variants. These findings suggest that booster doses have the potential to reduce disease severity and hospitalization.

‘Booster dose is being given in many countries’

According to Bharat Biotech, the same specially formulated dosage can be administered to adults and children alike. Covaccine is a ready-to-use, liquid vaccine, stocked at 2-8 °C.

Let us inform that in view of the Omicron variant, many countries have started giving their population the third booster dose as a precaution to deal with the infection. India has also started giving a precautionary dose i.e. booster dose for health workers and elderly people from January 10.