How dangerous can friendship with strangers be on Facebook? Know this surprising case

New Delhi: Today is the age of technology and social media. People often interact with unknown people on social media, but this case of Bihar can become an example for how dangerous friendship with a stranger can prove to be. In fact, a young man living in Danapur, Bihar had a friendship with an unknown girl on Facebook. There was also a video call between the two. During this, the girl made a nude video call and is now blackmailing the boy by recording this call. The victim has complained to the cyber cell of the police.

what is the matter
In fact, the victim, a resident of Danapur, Bihar, is a manager in a private company. The victim received a friend request from an unknown woman on Facebook a few days ago, which the victim accepted and then gradually the conversation started between the two. During this there was also a video call between the two. Some of these video calls also went nude. Which was recorded by the accused woman.

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After this, the accused woman is blackmailing the victim on the basis of these video calls and call recordings and has demanded 20 thousand rupees. The woman has threatened to make the video viral if the money is not paid. Disturbed, the manager has complained to the cyber cell. After which the police has started investigating the matter.

In the investigation so far, it has been found that the bank account in which the woman has asked to put 20 thousand rupees is not from Bihar. Let us tell you that there are many such gangs active on social media these days, who trap people by creating social media accounts in the name of girls and then blackmail them and extort money from them.