High Cholesterol Foods For Health: There are some things, due to which the bad cholesterol in your body increases further. Although, it is okay to eat these things in limited quantity, but having more quantity can worsen your health.

High Cholesterol Foods Avoid: Due to bad cholesterol in your body, there is a risk of many diseases. The highest risk in this is of heart attack. Whatever we eat can make this condition worse. Explain that cholesterol is a fat found in the blood and is necessary for the production of hormones and the functioning of membranes, but when it becomes excessive in the body, it can cause damage to the heart as well as the whole body. So let’s know what are the things from which we should stay away.

1. Egg Yolk

Explain that egg yolk contains the most cholesterol of any food. All the cholesterol in eggs is found in the yolk. Therefore, if you eat eggs in the morning, then avoid heavy cheese burgers in the afternoon meal.

2. Butter also contains more cholesterol

Indian food is incomplete without butter. Bread. Butter is used in cakes and parathas. Please tell that the amount of cholesterol in butter is high. So consume it in limited quantity.

3. Shrimp also contains more cholesterol

Sea food like shrimp has the highest amount of cholesterol. In such a situation, try to limit it in your diet.

4. Chicken also contains a lot of cholesterol

Chicken also contains a lot of cholesterol. Chicken is a low-fat meat substitute, but the way it is cooked makes a big difference. Explain that a chicken leg with skin has more fat and cholesterol than a cup of ice cream or a burger.

5. Eat Paneer in Limited Quantity

Paneer is considered a good source of calcium. It also contains good amount of cholesterol. That is, you should also eat it in limited quantity, because consuming too much of it can increase your problem.

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