Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Prayagraj, June 17 (HS). The ten-day training class for new teachers of schools run by the Bharatiya Shiksha Samiti Eastern UP, affiliated to Vidya Bharati, began on Monday and will continue till June 27. Regional Organization Minister Hemchandra said that the education policy that was made earlier was Europe-centric, today's new education policy is India-centric. Our concept is to develop children in all aspects.

In the school auditorium, the chief speaker and Vidya Bharati Eastern UP's regional organization minister Hemchandra addressed the newly selected Acharya brothers and sisters in two sessions on the topic of child development – our concept, imagination and the concept of holistic development. He said that if one has to work in an organization, then training is necessary to know the rules of the organization. That is why Vidya Bharati organizes training programs for its new Acharyas every year. Vidya Bharati's concept is the all-round development of brothers and sisters. Under this, the development of brothers and sisters is done from the physical, vital, mental, intellectual and spiritual point of view.

State Inspector of Indian Education Committee, Eastern UP, Sheshdhar Dwivedi told that about 150 teachers and teachers from all the schools of Kashi province are to be trained by subject experts and scholars for their better teaching and creation of cultured young generation.

On this occasion, special guest Indian Education Committee Eastern UP Minister Sharad Gupta was also present. School Principal Vikram Bahadur Singh Parihar honoured the guests by giving them mementoes, angavastram and coconut.

In the ten-day long newly selected Acharya training class, various scholars will provide training to the Acharyas for the development of better learning skills in culture, physical, spiritual, yoga and other educational subjects. The program will be conducted under the guidance of Co-Regional Organization Minister Vidya Bharati Eastern UP Dr. Ram Manohar, Vijay Upadhyay, Gopal Tiwari, Sumant Pandey, Gyan Dutt Pandey and other officials of the committee.