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Health Tips: ‘These’ are the early symptoms of neck cancer; Know how to identify…

health tips: Neck cancer one of the 10 most common cancers worldwide Is . One fourth of India’s men and women are cancer patients. Early symptoms of cervical cancer are rare. Which we can often ignore. But if these symptoms are identified in the beginning then this disease can be controlled in time. Actually, symptoms of neck cancer vary from person to person. HPV vaccination reduces the risk of cancer. Let us know what are the initial symptoms of this disease.

Some early symptoms of neck cancer are:

change in voice

Neck cancer causes many changes in the body. Ear pain is an early symptom of this disease, as well as a chronic cough. These symptoms are so common that many times people ignore them considering them to be a common disease or weather related disease. If you also see any such symptoms in the body, then get it treated in time, otherwise these symptoms can turn into cancer.


sore throat

Neck pain can sometimes be caused by cancer. Sometimes difficulty in eating food, difficulty in drinking water, sore throat are symptoms of cancer. In such cases consult a doctor.

wounds that won’t heal

If cancer has entered your body then no wound heals quickly. This is often said. If you have such symptoms in your body, then take special care of some things. If any injury on the body persists for a long time, consult a doctor immediately.

Ways to prevent neck cancer

If you want to avoid neck cancer, do not consume alcohol and tobacco. If you smoke, take special care of your health. Do not be too dusty. To protect you from cancer. Be sure to get the HPV vaccine. Due to which the risk of cancer is reduced. If you also want to keep yourself away from this disease, then do not ignore these symptoms and contact the doctor on time if symptoms appear.

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