Thursday , April 18 2024

Health: Should curd be eaten with salt or sugar, know its advantages and disadvantages

We should always adjust our diet according to the season. To keep the body warm in winter, one should consume the same type of food items and in summer one should eat cold things like curd, fruits etc. and drink as much water as possible. Some people add sugar to curd and some add salt. But which of the two is more beneficial? You should know about this.

Which is better between salt and curd?

Curd contains high amounts of calcium, protein and vitamins. According to health experts, eating curd mixed with salt daily can cause problems related to cough. But if you like salt in curd then you can leave it for a day and eat it. Eating curd mixed with salt keeps diabetes away. A high blood pressure patient should not eat curd mixed with salt.


Sugar and curd mixture:

Many people eat curd mixed with sugar. Health experts say that eating curd mixed with sugar increases weight rapidly. Diabetic patients should never eat curd with sugar. This also keeps away burning sensation and acidity in the stomach. Curd keeps the digestive system healthy and the stomach also remains cool.


Right time to eat curd:

Afternoon is the best time to eat curd. According to dietitians and health experts, eating curd in the afternoon also keeps the stomach healthy. Since curd has a cooling effect, its consumption can cause health problems. You might not even know that curd has the properties of increasing bile and phlegm.