He was doing stunts on the bike by wearing a helmet, seeing what happened, you will get goosebumps

Helmet Saved Life: Today we are going to show you such a video, after watching which you will not forget to wear a helmet while riding a bike by mistake. Seeing this video, your hair will stand. It can be seen in the video that if the helmet was not there, the way the person fell on the road from the bike, his head could have exploded.

man falls on road with bike

The viral video has been shared by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra on his official Twitter account. Along with sharing this video, he wrote in the caption, ‘Learn the importance of helmet in just 6 seconds.’ It can be seen in the video that a person is going on a bike on a road. During this, he does not know what to do, he hits a hard cut with his bike.

Seeing the video, it seems that the person is trying to stunt on the bike. In this affair, the person loses his balance and falls on the road with the bike on his head. In the video you can see that the way he fell on the road, fortunately he was wearing a helmet. Had the person not been wearing a helmet, he could have suffered a serious head injury. Even that person’s head could explode. watch video-

Helmet saved the life of a person

However, due to wearing a helmet, there is no serious accident with the person and he gets up as soon as he falls. We all know that people lose their lives in road accidents all over the world. Every year thousands of people lose their lives in road bike accidents in India. Most of these deaths are due to not wearing a helmet.

For this reason, bike riders are advised to follow safety measures. Wearing a helmet can prevent serious head injuries. There is no better protective cover than a helmet while riding a bike. According to a report, the death toll after an accident with a helmet is reduced by 42 percent.