Wednesday , July 24 2024

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Dehradun, June 16 (HS). Former Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Harish Rawat has said regarding the incidents of forest fire in the state that many programs should be conducted to create moisture in the forests and remove acidity.

Harish Rawat has posted a letter on social media regarding the incidents of forest fire. In this, he said that in 2015-16, many programs were conducted to create moisture in the forests of Uttarakhand and to remove acidity. Those programs should be started afresh with more resources. I have also given some suggestions to remove acidity from the forests in one of my posts recently.

Former Chief Minister Rawat said that I hope that my post would have come to the notice of the people associated with the forest department. We should immediately start the program to reduce acidity. We should believe that “When you wake up, then it is morning”.

He said that this year forest fire has claimed the lives of more than a dozen people in Almora district alone. I am unable to hold back my tears remembering the pitiful cries of those brave people surrounded by fire. The sentiments of the entire state are with those brave people who are working in the forests to face the fire and extinguish it and are getting caught in the fire. The state should give all such people the status of state martyr and provide them the same facilities, the same consolation amount, appointment etc. that we give to the families of martyrs. Forest fires will keep getting more severe in this manner, if we do not start a comprehensive state-wide program to create moisture in the forests and remove acidity from the forests. If ever a good beginning has been made, then there should be no hesitation in following it because that beginning is not of any person, it is of the state.