Friday , June 14 2024

Hamas' demands cannot be accepted, Israel withdraws from ceasefire

The ongoing peace talks between Israel and Hamas may come to a halt. Actually, Israel says that the demands of Hamas are unacceptable. In such a situation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has indicated that he is withdrawing from talks. Netanyahu also said that Israel would not bow to any international pressure regarding a two-state agreement with Palestine. He said that Israel will hold any such talks directly with the Palestinians and that too without any fixed conditions.

'We are achieving nothing through talks'

Peace talks are going on between Israel and Hamas in Egypt's capital Cairo. At the behest of America, Israel had also sent its negotiators to Cairo, but Benjamin Netanyahu has refused to send his negotiators to Cairo for further talks. When asked by the media about this, Netanyahu said, 'We are not getting anything from this conversation except the misleading demands of Hamas.' According to media reports, the demands being made by Hamas include immediate end to the war in Gaza and withdrawal of Hamas. Along with the release of thousands of Hamas supporters from Israeli jails, demands are also being raised for the Jewish religious site Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

More than 100 hostages are still in Hamas custody

Netanyahu said that 'Israeli representatives in Cairo were just sitting and listening and there has been no change in the leadership of Hamas. In such a situation, we will not send our representatives back for talks until we see some change. More than 100 Israeli hostages are still in Hamas custody. On the other hand, Israel is committed to eliminating Hamas. Israel has now started its campaign in Rafah city. On the demand for recognition of Palestine as a separate country, the Israeli PM said that there can be no bigger reward for terrorism than unilaterally recognizing Palestine as a separate country.