Half a dozen shabby walk of the development block area became difficult..

Vikramjot / Basti. Even though the government is claiming a pothole-free road, but this decree of the head of the state is proving meaningless for about half a dozen roads in the local development area, the condition is that these roads have become so dilapidated on which who can tell the vehicle. Walking has become difficult.
The Basthanwan-Ujaini-Makhoda road, which connects to Makhodadham, built by the Public Works Department, connecting two dozen villages of Vikramjot development area and Parashurampur with connectivity roads, has become completely dilapidated. The potholes made on the road about four kilometer long have taken a big size. Due to which people are getting injured due to accidents every day. Through this route, people of more than a dozen villages including Ranipur, Basthanwan, Mukundpur, Udsiwan, Takkipur, Ujaini, Tikajot, Malhani, Ahirola visit daily. Something similar is the case with the Talhwapur-Hereva road passing through Basthanwan. Despite repairs, the road is in dilapidated condition. At the same time, about four kilometer long road connecting Rewan, Muniyawa, Malhani with Patkhapur Parashurampur road has also been uprooted. Villagers told that if the roads are not repaired properly, the road starts crumbling as soon as it is built. The government’s decree of a pothole-free road has proved meaningless for these roads. Regional villagers say that years pass, but the responsible do not take care of the road, due to which the rural passers-by have to bear the brunt.