Saturday , April 13 2024

HAI hopes that these two sectors can generate five crore jobs…

The hospitality and tourism sector has the potential to create 5 crore jobs in the next 5 to 7 years. Hotels Association of India (HAI) said on Monday that this target can be easily achieved if the government supports. For this, there is a need to give the status of industry and infrastructure to the tourism and hospitality sector. If supported, crores of direct and indirect jobs can be created in this sector.

It is necessary to get the status of industry and infrastructure

HAI President Punit Chhathwal said at the sixth HAI Hoteliers Conclave that the hospitality sector will get the status of industry and infrastructure along with accommodation and income and employment will also increase. Chhathwal, MD and CEO of Indian Hotels Company Limited, said that tourism is a pillar of development. It contributes about 10 percent to the total employment of the country. Also, its share in GDP is 8 percent. This is likely to continue. The sector just needs the right policies.

Recruitment has increased by 271 percent in 2 years

K.B., Honorary Chairman of Radisson Hotel Group and Vice Chairman of HAI. Kachru said that recruitment has increased by 271 percent in the last two years. The target of 5 crore jobs can be achieved in future. This clearly shows that the business is progressing rapidly. Now we need to focus on tourism of every price category. We have to provide services to people of every income group.

The sector fails to deliver its potential to the government

Earlier, Amitabh Kant had appealed to the companies in the sector to approach the governments for the condition of the industry and infrastructure. The tourism industry has so far failed to convince politicians that it is creating jobs on a large scale. He said Thailand has created around 2 crore jobs, Malaysia 1.5 crore and India 78 lakh jobs through tourism.