Friday , June 14 2024

Guru Venus Conjunction 2024: Guru-Venus will meet after 12 years, blessings of Goddess Lakshmi will shower on these 3 zodiac signs

Jupiter Venus Conjunction 24 April 2024: Jupiter is considered an auspicious planet among the nine planets. Lord Guru, considered the guru of the gods, changes his zodiac sign once a year. He is the lord of wealth and Pisces. Jupiter is currently transiting in Aries.

Venus, the lord of wealth, beauty and love, is entering Aries on April 24. Now Jupiter is sitting in Aries and Venus will enter Aries, due to which there is going to be a conjunction of these two planets. This coincidence will happen after about 12 years.

The effect of this combination will be visible on all zodiac signs. The combination of these two planets will be very good for some zodiac signs. Let us know through this article which three zodiac signs are going to benefit the most from the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus on April 24, 2024.


Jupiter and Venus are conjunct in the seventh house of Libra. Due to which the married life of people of this zodiac sign will be very happy. Good relations will be formed with unmarried people. If you do joint business you will get good profits. Courage will be doubled. You will get success in whatever work you do. Employees in the office are likely to get promotion.


The conjunction of Jupiter and Venus will take place in the first house of Aries. This will enhance the personality of people of this zodiac sign. Your influence, reputation etc. will increase in the society. Employed people will get good benefits in office. Whatever decision you take during this period, it will yield good results. With the blessings of Jupiter and Venus, there will be good progress in financial situation. Long standing wishes will be fulfilled. If you want to start some new work then this time will be favorable for it.


The conjunction of Jupiter and Venus will take place in the second house of Pisces. Due to this, these people will often get unexpected money. You will complete many tasks effectively through speech. Your personality will also improve. Many people want to be your friend. The desire to buy a new vehicle will be fulfilled. Entrepreneurs will get the pending money and will also make good profits.