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Gujarati man who murdered a woman 30 years ago in Britain sentenced to life imprisonment – ​​News India Live

London: Indian-origin Sandeep Patel was sentenced to life imprisonment in the Old Bailey prison on Friday for the murder of a woman. 51 year old Sandeep Patel had committed this murder 30 years ago. However, the murder was solved as only a single hair was found at the scene.

In December 1994, Sandeep Patel stabbed Marina Koppel to death 140 times at her home in Westminster.

In 1994, Sandeep Patel murdered 39-year-old Marina Koppel by stabbing her 140 times in a flat in London's Westminster area. The court has convicted Sandeep Patel for this murder. Sandeep Patel was a 21-year-old student at the time of the murder. In 2022, a lock of hair was found in Koppel's ring, which played an important role in solving the murder.

The Metropolitan Police said their forensic team did ground-breaking work on hair found in a ring worn by Coppell and finally brought Sandeep Patel to justice. Dan Chester, the Met Police's forensic lead and operational forensic manager for cold case murder investigations, said the forensic scientists, fingerprint experts, forensic manager and investigation team all made outstanding contributions to solving Marina's murder.

“It is hard to imagine how much pain you have caused Koppel,” Judge Kavandh said, according to the report. You took away many years from his life. No sentence of mine can compensate Koppel's family for their loss. The jury deliberated for more than three hours before finding Patel guilty.

According to the Metropolitan Police, Marina was 39 years old at the time of her murder in a Westminster flat on 8 December 1994. She worked in her flat during the week and spent time with her husband in Northampton at the weekends. When Koppel's husband arrived at her Westminster flat, he found her body covered in blood. After analyzing the crime scene, police found a ring and a plastic shopping bag with Patel's fingerprints on it. However, since Patel worked at the shop where the bag came from, his fingerprints were not considered important evidence and the case remained unsolved for many years.

Finally, in 2022, the needle of suspicion turned on Sandeep Patel when sensitive technology provided a DNA profile from the finger hair. Unsolved historical murders can be some of the most complex and challenging cases for police. However, today's verdict is an example of how forensic science, new technology and collaborative working methods can have a positive impact in bringing a brutal killer to justice. Police arrested Sandeep Patel in January last year on suspicion of murdering Marina Koppel.