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Gujarat Rain Update: Kashmir-like atmosphere seen in Aravalli, hail on the road

Gujarat Rain Update: Rainy conditions have been observed in many parts of the state today. At the same time, Kashmir-like atmosphere has been seen in Aravalli. Snow cover and hail cover have been seen on the road leading to Vaniyad Modasa. Due to strong hailstorm, the road was covered with hail.

It rained heavily in Malpur town. The weather was chilly with strong thunder and rain accompanied by wind. The main roads of Malpur town became rivers. Hostile environment is being seen in the latter half of Phangan. It has also rained in the rural areas of Aravalli district.

It rained in many parts of the state

Following the forecast of the Meteorological Department, there has been unseasonal rain in many parts of the state today. First of all let’s talk about Vadodara, there was a sudden change in the atmosphere here. The sky was covered with dark clouds and it started raining slowly. It rained heavily in Harni, Nizampura, Chani, Karelibagh.

Unseasonal rain continues in Kutch

On the other hand, there has been rain with strong wind and hailstorm in the areas of western Kutch. After Mandvi, Nakhatrana, rain along with wind has started in rural areas including Mundra. The climate of East Kutch has also changed. The conditions of rain are being seen in the surrounding areas including Anjar of East Kutch.

inversion of marine climate

There is information of rain in Kadana and surrounding rural areas of Mahisagar district. After being cloudy, it rained heavily in Kadana and Deora divisions. The atmosphere remained cool due to the rain. On the other hand, farmers are worried about the possibility of damage to the crops sown due to rain.

Aravali rainy season

There has been unseasonal rain in Aravalli district. There is news of rain in many areas including Isrol, Jeevanpur, Titoi, rural division of Modasa. Farmers are suffering due to rain. If there is excess rain, there is a possibility of damage to crops including wheat, gram.

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