Thursday , April 18 2024

Governor releases the book 'Beyond Polyandry-Changing Profile of an Ethnic Himalayan Tribe'

Dehradun, 16 February (HS). Governor Lieutenant General Gurmeet Singh (Seni) released the book 'Beyond Polyandry-Changing Profile of an Ethnic Himalayan Tribe' written by Dr. Kripa Nautiyal, former Additional Director General of the Indian Coast Guard, at Raj Bhavan on Friday.

On this occasion, the Governor said that cultural identity is a very important need for any country or region. We must remain connected to our roots to keep our identity alive. The Jaunsari community has taught us how to preserve our culture and civilization and stay connected to our roots. This community teaches us that we should be proud of our culture and heritage. Jaunsar-Bawar has a special cultural identity due to its special beliefs and traditions.

The Governor congratulated the author for the excellent work he has done for the Jaunsar Bawar community by bringing out a well-researched book on the various socio-cultural changes being witnessed by the tribal community.

In this book, the author has provided information about the origin of culture and civilization, customs, caste system, uniqueness of marriages and festivals, economy, linguistic status, and socio-cultural changes of the Jaunsari tribal community.

Author Dr. Kripa Nautiyal told that through this book, for the first time as a native researcher, he tried to cover the area beyond polyandry and reach the deepest layer of this beautiful and changing Jaunsar Bawar culture. Is.

After the release of the book, a panel discussion was held by experts, including MLA Munna Singh Chauhan, former Chief Secretary of Uttarakhand Nrip Singh Napalchyal, Head of the Department of Economics, Doon University, Prof. Rajendra Prasad Mammagai was included.