Saturday , July 13 2024

Golden Prashan Sanskar program held in District Ayurveda Hospital

Dholpur, 21 February (HIST). Golden Prashan Sanskar program was organized at Government District Ayurveda Hospital, Dholpur on Wednesday.

In the program, under the supervision of Anchal Maternity Center in-charge and senior medical officer Dr. Gurpreet Devi, about 50 children aged between one day to 5 years were given Swarna Prashan Sanskar medicine. Dr. Gurpreet told that under the direction of Ayurveda Department, Swarna Prashan Sanskar is conducted for children aged one day to 5 years in the Pushya Nakshatra of every month in the District Ayurveda Hospital. A lot of positive effects have been seen in children taking this medicine continuously for 6 months. A significant effect has already been seen in the children who used to stutter in speaking earlier and those who had mental problems, lack of immunity and were suffering from cough and cold throughout the year. This Swarna Prashan Sanskar is conducted free of cost by the Ayurveda Department. On the other hand, Dr. Pragyadeep Verma, Principal Medical Officer of District Ayurveda Hospital, said that all the parents must bring their children for the Swarna Prashan Sanskar which is conducted every month.