Wednesday , July 17 2024

Gold prices rose while silver and crude oil fell

Mumbai: Gold prices rose while silver prices fell in Mumbai's jewelery market today. Today there are indications in the world market that the price of gold per ounce in dollars from 2023 to 2024 to 2018 to 2019 will be at the highest level of 2013 to 2014. Buying by funds was seen in global gold as the global dollar index fell. The global dollar index fell to 104.14 today. In the closed market, the dollar was trading at Rs 83.04 against the rupee.

In the global market, the price of silver ranged from 23.02 to 23.07 to 23.08 dollars and a low of 23.42 to 23.43 per ounce. Lagging behind the global market, the price of silver in Ahmedabad market fell by Rs 500 per kg to Rs 72000. In Ahmedabad, gold prices for 10 grams were Rs 99.50 at Rs 63800 and Rs 99.90 at Rs 64000.

Meanwhile, platinum prices remained at $910-911 an ounce in the global market amid slow recovery. Palladium prices increased from $954 to $955. Global copper prices fell 0.44 percent after the gains stopped today. Crude oil prices remained soft at high levels in the world market. The demand from China was awaited in the market.

Global Brent crude oil prices today rose to $83.23 per barrel from $83.47 per barrel. While the price of American crude was 79.19 to 79.06 dollars. In Mumbai bullion market today, gold prices without GST increased from Rs 99.50 to Rs 62077 to Rs 62017. Mumbai silver prices without GST ranged from Rs 71,600 to Rs 71,210.