Friday , April 19 2024

Girl's friendship with cow won people's hearts, you will also be happy after watching the video – News India Live

Along with many nonsense videos on social media, there are also such videos which win people's hearts. One such video is currently winning people's hearts.

A little girl and a cow can be seen in the viral video. After seeing the love between the two, you too will not be able to stop yourself from praising this clip.

This video has got more than 2 lakh likes. In the clip, the girl is seen hugging the cow. The relationship between the two is truly a sight to behold. This innocent and natural looking combination is leaving no stone unturned in winning people's hearts.

After watching this video, users have showered comments. One user said that this video has freshened the mood. Another user said, “This is so beautiful.” Oh God, one said that such videos can improve anyone's mood.

Another user praised this relationship between the cow and the girl. He said that he fell in love with cows through Instagram. A lot is shown on social media, which is really beautiful.

Another user said, I wish I could watch such clips every day. this is so beautiful. This shows how beautiful the relationship between humans and animals is.