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Ghost souls get salvation here in Kashi

Religion Spirituality:Kashi, situated on the trident of Mahadev, is also called the abode of salvation. Lord Shankar grants salvation to those who die here by giving them Tarak Mantra. Apart from this, there is also a divine place in Kashi where even the ghost souls (ghost species) get freedom through special rituals. It is known as Pishach Mochan Teerth. There is a Vampire Mochan Kund in Chetganj area of ​​Varanasi.
According to the stories, this pilgrimage place of Kashi was before the arrival of Ganga. It is believed that by performing Tripindi Shraddha at this place, unsatisfied and disturbed souls get freedom and the door to salvation opens for them. During Pitru Paksha days, there is a crowd of people performing Tripindi Shraddha and Pind Daan. Apart from this, people come here to perform Pind Daan even on normal days.
Munna Lal Panda, the priest of Pishach Mochan Tirtha, told that Pishach Mochan Kund has been there since ancient times. Tripindi Shraddha is performed here for the salvation of those who died prematurely. This is the only place in the country where this ritual is performed. Apart from Tripindi Shraddha, there is also a provision for Narayan Bali.
Pind Daan is held in Kashi before Gaya.
Let us tell you that Kashi is called the gate of salvation. The Pishach Mochan Tirtha here is the best. Before Gaya, people come here to make their ancestors sit and offer Pind Daan. Go to Gaya only after that. According to religious beliefs, bathing in the pond of vampire redemption frees one from many kinds of obstacles.

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