Get tested as soon as you see symptoms of corona, you will get solution of doubts in 24 hours – CMO


In view of the increasing infection of Corona, everyone needs to be very cautious. The Health Department has deputed doctors at ICCC Call Center round the clock to resolve the doubts and problems of the people. Along with this, all those people having symptoms of corona have been appealed to get their test done. So that increasing infection can be stopped.

Giving information, CMO Dr. Shailendra Bhatnagar said that 6 numbers of ICCC call center have been issued for the public, which are providing their service 24 hours. All the phone calls are answered by the doctor on these numbers, people who want any kind of information related to corona can call on these numbers. These numbers include 7269039532, 7269039540, 7269039586, 7269039587, 8917009946 and 89 33009927. Along with this, he also appealed that the speed of corona infection has increased. In such a situation, people need to be more alert. Washing hands frequently with soap with the rule of “two yards distance mask is necessary” will make people inculcate their habit. Going to crowded places should be avoided, while instead of shaking hands with people, the habit of saluting should also be included in life. We can avoid corona infection by improving our habits. By following the rules of Corona, we will play the role of being a responsible Indian along with playing an important role in protecting ourselves and the society including our family from corona infection. Along with this, we also have to ensure that everyone must take both the doses of corona vaccine as soon as possible. Especially those people who have not yet taken the second dose after taking the first dose must get the vaccine. This will help prevent the infection from progressing. Along with this, all adolescent girls in the age group of 15 to 17 are also required to take the first and second doses of the vaccine. So that we can win the war against Corona while protecting ourselves and our society.