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Garlic Kebab Recipe: Its taste is very delicious

Now wherever you look garlic kebab is called garlic kebab, like the owner of Karimani it is also a trend, especially Chandra's Belulu kebab is very famous (Puneet Rajkumar loved his cooking).

Women are saying that ever since Chandru made the video of garlic kebab, the price of garlic has increased, the price of garlic was Rs 60 per kg and now it has reached Rs 400 per kg.

We also tried what Garlic Kebab looks like, the taste was amazing, this recipe is for you…

necessary ingredients

Tender Chicken 1/2 kg
Garlic 5-6 garlic
handful of curry powder
Green chillies 4-5 (as per spicy)
Handful of corn 2 tbsp
Lemon juice 1 tbsp


  • Grind garlic, curry leaves and green chillies. Grind without adding water. If required, add one spoon water, but it is fine to grind without adding water.
  • – Now take out the ground mixture in a plate, add salt to it, add lemon juice and mix, add 2 spoons of cornflour to it and keep it in the fridge for 2 hours (if you want to make it quickly Then keep it in the fridge for half an hour.)
  • – Then heat oil and fry in oil and enjoy delicious garlic kebab.

The special thing about this kebab is that no colored powder is used in it and it is said that giving it to children is good for health.

How to Make Garlic Grilled Kebabs

Season it just like kebabs, but do not use cornflour and if you wish
Grill it in the microwave.

How famous is this Garlic Kebab?

Now Garlic Kebab is very famous, because no color is used in it, for a long time we thought that kebab should be red, but this kebab has shown that it is not red but it tastes good even if it is white. It is good.

it no longer tastes good

To become a true Karimani owner, a person should have these 6 qualificationsTo become a true Karimani owner, a person should have these 6 qualifications

The taste and smell of this kebab is amazing when fried in garlic and curry oil.

good for kids too

Instead of giving colorful kebabs to children, giving such kebabs to children is very good for their stomach health. While making this kebab, use a leg piece and add spices to it and keep it for a long time so that the spices get absorbed properly and the taste is amazing.