Gangasagar fair should not become the cause of corona explosion, protocol is being flouted

Kolkata: In the historic Gangasagar Mela on the Sagar Coast of West Bengal, the state government itself is being accused of not following the protocol of prevention of corona. As per the directions of the Calcutta High Court, only those persons who have received both the doses of the vaccine or not, should have a negative RTPCR report in the Mela premises. From Outramghat in Kolkata to the sea coast of South 24 Parganas, no official has been seen to see the vaccine certificate of any virtuous.

A couple who arrived from Kaushambi in Uttar Pradesh for Gangasagar bath said that they already knew about the order of the Calcutta High Court. That is why before coming to the fair premises, he had taken a print out of the certificate of both the doses of the vaccine. The couple claimed that no one in the fair premises inquired about it. He said that many people are being given direct entry at the counter conducting the RTPCR test and some people are being screened.

Similarly, a youth who came with his grandmother and grandfather from Chhapra in Bihar also claimed that he was only asked at the time of admission but no one saw his certificates and allowed the entry. A woman from Jharkhand told that she has brought the vaccine certificate in her purse but there was no need to show it anywhere, only asked whether the certificate was there or not.

There was no inquiry even from Nagas, Sadhus and Sanyasis

A monk of the Nath sect, who reached the Gangasagar bank from Haridwar for a holy bath, told that he was asked about the vaccine certificate but neither he had the certificate nor did he need to show it. The policemen asked them to go inside. In such a situation, there is a risk of spread of corona infection if the directions of the High Court are disregarded for the Gangasagar complex.