Thursday , April 18 2024

Gang that took Indian citizens hostage in Kathmandu on the pretext of sending them to America busted

Kathmandu, 15 February (HS). The Crime Branch of Nepal Police has exposed a gang of Indian mafia who used to trap people from different cities of India and bring them to Kathmandu in the name of going to America and hold them hostage and demand ransom from their families. In such a situation, eleven Indian citizens held hostage in Kathmandu have been rescued safely.

Nepal Police held a press conference on Thursday and informed about the arrest of a total of nine people, including eight Indians, who were involved in this gang. On the basis of information that they were being held hostage and defrauded of lakhs in the name of making Nepal their base and going to America, the police raided a house near Rato bridge in Kathmandu and arrested the gang members.

In a press conference, Kathmandu's SSP Bhupendra Khatri said that Operation Donkey was launched after receiving information from the Indian security personnel about a gang of Indian mafia taking hostages here and demanding ransom by calling their families in order to go to America illegally. .

During the raid, the police informed that along with rescuing 11 people from that house, fake documents, government seal, laptop, mobile, watches and other items were recovered. According to SSP Khatri, the relatives of those who were held hostage through “Green Chroma” were given false information that they were in Mexico and Brazil. He said that for this the time of the same country was also set in the clock and it was hung on the wall.

Investigation has revealed that the Indian mafia lured such people to send them to America and after taking them from New Delhi to Qatar, they were brought to Kathmandu by lying to them. After coming to Kathmandu, the victims were kept in a hotel for a few days and then taken to that house and held hostage. Based on the statements given by the victims, the police said that each person had paid up to 45 lakh Indian rupees to go to America. In the press conference, SSP Khatri told that the 3 thousand dollars he had with him to go to America, his passport and mobile phone were confiscated and he was brought to Kathmandu and tortured.

Investigation revealed that fake “arrival and departure” stamps were put on the passports of the victims and posted on social media to make people know that they were going to America. Police investigation also revealed that the mafia had kept the victim hostage in the room by threatening him with physical and mental torture and even killing his relatives in India. The victims were kept chained there for weeks.

Those who were saved by the police from the clutches of mafia include Haryana's Gurinder Singh, Bhupender Singh, Manveer Singh, Jagdeep Singh, Gurpit Singh, Kuldeep Singh, Rakesh Kumar, Gurupit Singh, Subwas Kunwar, Prateek Kanmar and Ashish Kumar. The main agents involved in the incident include Indu Singh Yadav of Madhya Pradesh, Nipun Gupta of Ludhiana, Charanjit Singh of New Delhi, Ashok Kumar of Punjab, Abdul Rahim of Mahipalpur, Manish Kumar Malhotra of Punjab, Ravi Mewade of Madhya Pradesh, Ramchandra Sharma of Rajasthan. And a Nepalese national has been arrested.