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Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: The reason for worshiping Lord Ganesha is related to health, know the benefits of consuming this herb.

Benefits of Durva Grass: Durva i.e. green grass or grass, also known as Arugampul, is definitely offered during the worship of Lord Ganesha. Due to the religious importance of this grass, it is used in many worship rituals, but it has special use for the worship of Lord Ganesha.

This herb is used as a traditional herb in Ayurvedic medicine. The reason behind offering this grass to Lord Ganesha is also related to health. Let us know the medicinal properties and health benefits of Durva.

blood purifying herb

Durva is a blood purifier herb which purifies the blood. Therefore it improves complexion and cures many skin problems. Applying Durva mixed with sandalwood powder is very beneficial in case of sunburn and extreme heat.

regulate menstrual cycle

Durga Juice is a powerful herbal remedy to control heavy bleeding and cure PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).

treat uti

Durva juice is a natural diuretic that is of great help in treating urinary tract infections. This juice is great for all types of swelling like acidity and swelling during urination.

controls blood sugar

Durva juice contains a biochemical compound called Cyanodon dactylone which has hypoglycemic effect and thus helps in controlling blood sugar levels and insulin resistance in diabetes and PCOS.

Treats bleeding gums and ulcers

Durva reduces the problem of mouth ulcers and wounds. It contains flavonoids which are known for their anti-ulcer properties. Regular consumption of its juice prevents bleeding gums, bad breath and strengthens teeth.

For this reason Durva is offered

According to a legend, in ancient times there lived a demon named Analasura, whose anger caused chaos in heaven and earth. Analasura was a demon who used to swallow sages and common people alive.

Fed up with the atrocities of this demon, all the gods, goddesses, sages and sages including Indra went to pray to Lord Mahadev and everyone prayed to Mahadev to end the terror of Analasur. Then Mahadev heard the prayers of all the gods and sages and told them that only Lord Ganesha could destroy the demon Analasura.

On everyone’s request, Shri Ganesha swallowed Analasur and he started feeling a burning sensation in his stomach. When the swelling in Lord Ganesha’s stomach did not subside even after taking various measures to deal with the problem, sage Kashyap made 21 lumps of Durva and gave them to Lord Ganesha to eat. Lord Ganesha consumed this Durva and the swelling in his stomach reduced. It is believed that from then onwards the tradition of offering Durva to Lord Ganesha started.

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