Friday , April 19 2024

Freeze all accounts of Congress before elections, IT seeks recovery of Rs 210 crore

All the accounts of Congress have been frozen before the elections. These also include the accounts of Youth Congress. The Income Tax Department has sought recovery of Rs 210 crore from Congress. Congress Treasurer Ajay Maken has alleged that this action has been taken deliberately before the elections. This is the money of our common workers. Due to freezing of accounts, money is neither going nor coming. BJP is going to bring one party system in the country. That is why such action is being taken before the elections.

Congress leader Ajay Maken said that democracy has completely ended in India. All the accounts of India's main opposition party have been frozen. The accounts of the Indian National Congress have been locked. These accounts have been frozen, not of the Congress Party but of our country's democracy.

Ajay Maken told that he has received information that the bank is not accepting the checks he is issuing. When we investigated, we were told that all the accounts of the party have been frozen. It is surprising that when only two weeks are left for the announcement of elections, what does the government want to show by freezing the accounts of Congress.

The IT department has sought recovery of Rs 210 crore from the Congress party. This is not the money of the capitalists, this is the money of the common people. Crowd funding money is in Congress's accounts. There are Rs 25 crores in the accounts. This money is deposited on transactions of less than Rs 100.