Four bags and 23 cartridges recovered from the bogie of Jan Shatabdi Express, Railway Police will scan the passengers

Jhajha: On Wednesday, the police recovered a huge cache of weapons from the Jan Shatabdi Express going from Howrah to Patna. Among the weapons recovered in a bag from the D-6 bogie of the train were 23 cartridges including four country-made pistols, a sharp dabiya (Bhujali). In this regard, doing PC at Jhajha Rail Police Station, Kiul Rail DSP Imran Parvez said that after seeing the unclaimed bag kept on the luggage carrier above the seats in the D-6 bogie, the soldiers got suspicious and inquired. There no one told the bag his own.

After this, Jhajha Rail Station Officer Anil Singh, who is leading the investigation, told that these days routine checks were being done in trains for the recovery of liquor. Meanwhile, the bag was recovered. Had the Railway Police not recovered the bag full of arms, the train could have been a disaster.

Railway DSP said that as the miscreant was not caught, what were the intentions of the criminals behind carrying the arms in the train, it is not known. To get to the bottom of the matter, apart from in-depth research, scanning of the passengers of the said bogie will also be done. The DSP said that the recovered weapons are not new. On the other hand, Railway Station Officer Anil Singh, who recovered the weapon, said that apart from weapons, clothes, daily use items and arousal enhancing drugs have also been recovered in the bag.