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Former Deputy Chief Minister listened to people’s problems in Janata Darbar

Jammu, 18 September (HIST). On Monday, BJP organized its daily Janata Darbar. Former Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Nirmal Singh redressed the grievances of the public at the party headquarters in Trikuta Nagar. BJP Vice President Anuradha Chadhak and Secretary Arvind Gupta were also present with him. On this occasion, a large number of people, individually and in delegation, visited the BJP office to discuss their respective issues with senior party leaders. The various issues presented included personal concerns as well as development-oriented matters related to their respective sectors. Apart from various individual issues, other main issues related to PHE, PDD, roads, streets, drains etc. were presented.

Dr. Nirmal Singh listened patiently to all the individuals and delegations and immediately took up the matter on telephone with the concerned departmental officers and also issued letters to others. He talked to the concerned officials and stressed on quick resolution of the problems. He said that BJP remains connected with the people 365 days a year. BJP has continuously worked for the general public every moment and every worker considers it his duty to listen to the affected person, understand and then provide him the best possible solution.

Anuradha Chadhak stressed on the party’s commitment to address public issues by opening various channels like Janata Darbar. Meanwhile, Arvind Gupta said that during the Janata Darbar, oral and written communication was held with the concerned departments.

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