Wednesday , July 17 2024

Flight cancelled: Big news for air passengers! Indigo is canceling 6-12 flights every day, know the reason?

Crowd at Mumbai Airport: A lot of crowd was seen in Mumbai flights. In view of more aircraft taking off and continuous crowding on the runway, IndiGo is canceling 6 to 12 flights daily. However, the airline says that talks are going on with the government so that cancellations can be reduced. Actually the matter is that the timing of many flights is behind by 1 to 2 minutes and due to there being only one runway, they are not able to land. Due to this, the plane had to hover unnecessarily over Mumbai airport for about 40 to 60 minutes.

What is the reason?

The Civil Aviation Ministry on Wednesday said the number of aircraft taking off beyond capacity and persistent congestion on the runways are causing unnecessary hovering of planes for about 40-60 minutes at the Mumbai airport. This increases air traffic and also consumes extra fuel for the aircraft. Keeping all these things in view, the Aviation Ministry has imposed a flight ban at Mumbai Airport on Wednesday. There are more flights especially in the afternoon and the difference between two flights is very less.

6-12 flights are getting canceled every day

Due to these reasons Indigo is canceling 6 to 12 flights daily. But the airline says that talks are going on with the government so that cancellations can be reduced. Air India Express says there is no flight in that slot so there will be very little impact, if it happens they will reschedule.

Government gave time

The government has asked IndiGo to find a solution to these problems as soon as possible. At least the flights should be cancelled. The problem is increasing due to airlines not following slots and schedules. Due to this, people are facing problems and there is also traffic problem. The burden of additional costs is likely to ultimately fall on consumers, which will have an adverse impact on both passengers and airlines.

2.6 lakh rupees were wasted in every flight

A senior ministry official said that the increase in fuel consumption during long journeys has raised concerns. An average aircraft consumes approximately 2,000 kg of fuel per hour. The ministry said such delays lead to huge wastage of 1.7 to 2.5 kiloliters of jet fuel, resulting in a financial burden of about Rs 1.8 to 2.6 lakh per flight.

If seen directly, from February 19, more than 100 scheduled/non-scheduled flights will be affected daily at Mumbai Airport. Although airlines are giving customers the option to reschedule and refund, the question is why consumers should bear the brunt of the airlines and MIAL.

Congestion at Mumbai airport: Over 40 scheduled and private flights affected

  • Vistara canceled 8 flights from February 19
  • Flights will remain canceled from 19th February-30th March
  • Flight details may be released by evening


  • Will stop operation of 4 flights from Mumbai