Saturday , July 13 2024

Five injured, two serious | Live Updates, Unveiling the Latest India News Trends

Hit and run incidents continue in Maharashtra. People have not yet forgotten the Porsche incident of Pune, a hit and run incident by a minor has come to light in Venkatesnagar Chowk, Nagpur. A minor driving at full speed near D.K. College hit a few two-wheelers before the car rammed into a fruit-vegetable lorry and a crowd of pedestrians.

Finally the car hit a tree and stopped. Five people including the lorry driver and a couple who had come to buy vegetables were injured in the accident, two of whom are in critical condition. Many vehicles were also damaged. The uncontrolled crowd pulled out the minor driver and beat him up badly. Later some people saved him from the crowd and handed him over to the police. The police have detained the minor and the car owner Mangesh Gomesh. Mangesh is associated with a political party.

He gave the car to a minor working in the garage. The garage owner asked the minor to remove the car parked on the road. The police have also detained garage owner Mahesh Gonade for forcing the minor to drive the car. According to eyewitnesses, an elderly couple buying vegetables were hit by a car a few meters away and were seriously injured. The car moved rapidly from the direction of the garage to the side of the road and crashed into the crowd on the sidewalk. All this happened in such a short time that no one had time to escape.