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Five big benefits of Kasuri Methi, know why women should include it in their diet?

Health News: Kasuri Methi is a spice that we often use in our food. Its taste is a little bitter but it helps in enhancing the taste of food. We are often unaware of the benefits of the things we eat daily. Kasuri fenugreek is also something which has many benefits. Be it weight loss or getting rid of diabetes, Kasuri Methi is beneficial in every way. Fenugreek is a beneficial herb that is mainly used for its nutritional and health benefits. Kasuri Methi has many important benefits, especially for women.

hormonal balance

Kasuri Methi contains Vitamin-1 in good quantity and can help in improving hormonal balance in women. It helps reduce unusual discomfort and irregularities during menstruation.

breastfeeding support


Consumption of Kasuri Methi is beneficial for lactating women, as it can increase the quantity of breast milk and also improve the quality of the milk.

Reduce PCOS (Premenstrual Syndrome).

Kasuri methi is rich in vitamins and minerals, including calcium and magnesium, which may help reduce PCOS symptoms.

stop weight

Kasuri Methi contains a good amount of fiber which can help reduce appetite and control weight. This can help in preventing overeating. It helps in weight loss by increasing digestion and metabolism. Kasuri Methi helps in detoxifying the body thus making weight control easier.

during pregnancy

Kasuri Methi also contains folic acid in good quantity, which is important in the formation of the baby during pregnancy. Kasuri Methi contains folic acid which is essential for the growing child. It helps in reducing labor pain.

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