First Shani Pradosh fast is on 15th January

In fact, this Pradosh fast, which falls on Saturday, is done on Trayodashi Tithi. Yes and on this day Shiva and Shani Dev are worshipped. Now today we are going to tell you the worship method of Shani Pradosh fast.

Shani Pradosh worship method- On the day of Shani Pradosh Vrat, the fasting person should wake up early in the morning, after retiring from daily activities, take a bath, wear clean clothes and worship Lord Shiva. Keep in mind that on this day the mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ should be chanted with all your heart. Yes, Pradosh Vrat is worshiped between 4.30 pm to 7.00 pm. Along with this, worship of Shiva should be done on Trayodashi in Pradosh period i.e. 3 hours before sunset. Let us tell all of you that the one who fasts on this day should take a bath again in the evening and wear clean white colored clothes and clean and purify the place of worship. On this day, prepare a mandap with five colors, prepare a pavilion and collect the material for worship, fill the lota with pure water, sit on the seat of Kush and worship Lord Shiva according to the rituals.

Now offer water while chanting the mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’. Be fast on this day. During worship, with folded hands, meditate on Shiva in this way – ‘O Trinity, wearing the ornament of the moon on the head, shining like crores of moons, wearing a twig of Pingalvarna, adorned with blue throat and many Rudraksh garlands, trident, coils of serpents. Wearing tiger skin, seated on a bountiful, gem-studded throne, may Lord Shiva remove all our troubles and bless us with happiness and prosperity. In this way, after meditating on the form of Shiva, pray in your heart. Now read and narrate the story of Shani Pradosh fast. After reading or listening to the story, mix all the Havan ingredients and offer the following mantra ‘Om Hreem Kleem Namah Shivay Swaha’ 21 or 108 times. Now perform the aarti of Shiva and distribute the prasad. After that have food.