Thursday , April 18 2024

Feeder in trouble! In the last one year, farmers from 65 countries of the world were forced to protest

Farmer protest news: Farmers from more than 65 countries have demonstrated during the last one year amid challenges in the agriculture sector not only in India but across the world. Apart from India, the situation of farmers has also become serious in South America, Europe and Africa. Since the beginning of the current year, farmers of Germany, France and Italy have been agitating in their countries for cheaper prices and less subsidies. Although some agreements have been reached, farmers from countries belonging to the European Union (EU) want a durable solution to the outstanding demands. Farmers took out a tractor rally at the European Union headquarters in Basel, Belgium. Local farmers cannot compete with Ukraine's cheap grain in Europe. During the last one year, 67 percent of the farmers of South American countries have taken to the streets with some demands or the other. Farmers demanded fair compensation for crop losses resulting from shortages in Argentina. Farmers are still in debt due to crop failure. Brazilian farmers face unbalanced market competition due to modified maize. Farmers in Venezuela have been demanding to provide cheaper diesel for a long time. Even in Colombia, farmers are protesting due to not getting adequate prices for their crop products.

As far as Central America is concerned, Mexican farmers are most angry with the government of their country. Especially there have been complaints of not getting fair prices for maize and wheat. Last September, farmers in the drought-hit area of ​​Chihuahua were worried about exporting water to America. Costa Rican farmers are yearning for a relief package as they are deep in bank debt. Minimum Support Price (MSP) has always been a big issue when it comes to India. When the price of agricultural produce is not good in the market, the government buys it at support price, but farmers are demanding to make a law on MSP.

Farmers are agitating in 22 percent of the countries of the African continent. Last September, potato farmers in Kenya threw potatoes on the road after not getting fair prices. Cocoa cultivation is ending in Benin due to land acquisition. Farmers also protested against the government's decision to stop cocoa exports to Cameroon and Nigeria. New Zealand and Australia are also not untouched by the farmers' movement. Farmers in New Zealand protested against government regulations on loss-making crops. In Australia, farmers protested against high voltage and overhead power lines cutting through their land.

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