Friday , April 19 2024

Fastag Users: NHAI issued advisory for Fastag users, do this work immediately

An advisory has been issued for Fastag users by the Road Tolling Authority of National Highway Authority of India. A list of 32 banks has been prepared by the organization and users have been asked to buy Fastag from these banks only. The name of Paytm Payments Bank Fastag was not in this list. This simply means that Paytm Fastag users will have to get a new Fastag. According to an estimate, there are more than 2 crore Paytm Fastag users in the country.

Let us tell you, RBI has banned Paytm Payment Bank. As per the instructions of the Central Bank, after February 29, Paytm Payment Bank has stopped almost all its services.

Statement issued on social media

A post has been made by the National Highway Authority of India on the social media handle X, in which it has been said that travel with Fastag without any hassle. Buy your Fastag only from the below mentioned banks. Names of about 32 banks have been released in this list, in which Paytm is not there.

A report in Econom Times states that the purpose of this decision taken by the Highway Authority is to save Paytm Fastag users from any trouble so that they do not have to face any problem in paying toll while traveling on the highway. fell.

7 crore fastag users in india

Let us tell you, there are about 7 crore Fastag users in India and Paytm Payment Bank claims that it has more than 30 percent market share. In such a situation, the estimated number of Paytm Payment Bank users is estimated to be around 2 crores.