Friday , June 14 2024

Farmers rejected the central government's offer to give MSP on four crops

The fourth round of talks between farmer leaders and the central government has also not been successful. In this meeting, the government offered to give MSP on four crops, but on Monday, the media in-charge of the farmers said that there was no consensus among the farmers on the government's proposal. After talks on various forums, farmer leaders have now decided that they will march in Delhi on 21st February. He said that the government is only looking at the farmers of Haryana and Punjab in its proposal but this movement is for different crops of the farmers across the country. Another farmer leader also said that the farmers have given time till February 20 to the government to accept all the demands. Earlier, in the fourth round of meeting held in Chandigarh between farmer leaders and three Union Ministers on the issue of guaranteeing minimum support price on crops, the central government was ready to give MSP on four more crops. Apart from paddy and wheat, the central government has also proposed to give MSP on lentil, urad, maize and cotton crops. However, for this, farmers will have to enter into a five-year agreement with NAFED and CCI. On this proposal of the Central Government, the farmer leaders present in the meeting said that they will talk to all the organizations and will tell their final decision to the government.

Farmers want nothing less than an ordinance to guarantee MSP

Earlier during the discussion, farmer organizations had made it clear that the central government should issue an ordinance to guarantee MSP. Farmers will not accept anything less than this. It is noteworthy that Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann and Agriculture Minister Gurmeet Singh were also involved in this meeting which started late by about two hours.