Saturday , April 13 2024

Farmers Movement: Delhi-like scene seen in Italy's capital Rome, farmers drove tractors

Like India, farmers in many countries of Europe are also on the path of movement. Farmers' movement has started again in India. Farmers are again sitting on the border of Delhi. However, the government has not allowed them to enter Delhi.

On the other hand, farmers displaced in Italy demonstrated in the capital Rome. Farmers called for an attack on Rome's historic Circus Maximus. Farmers ran their tractors at various places. Meanwhile there was an uproar there too. Clash between police and farmers, gathering outside the office also

A similar scene as Delhi was seen in the Italian capital on 26 January 2021. Farmers in Delhi entered the city with tractors on this day and reached the Red Fort. Some of these farmers hoisted the Khalistan flag on the Red Fort.

Scenes reminiscent of Delhi were also seen in Rome, the capital of Italy. Farmers in 10 countries of Europe are agitating against the government of their country and their protest is becoming fiercer day by day.

This year, farmers have resorted to agitation in 66 countries of the world. This shows that the problems of farmers are increasing all over the world including India.