Wednesday , July 17 2024

Farmers block KGP Expressway in Faridabad

Faridabad, 19 February (HS). For more than 4 months, farmers have been sitting on strike demanding a cut near Mohana on the Green Field Expressway passing through Mohana in Faridabad. On Monday, his patience broke and he, along with farmers from Mohana and surrounding villages, blocked the KGP Expressway. On receiving the news of the jam, police officers reached the spot and pacified the people and got the jam removed.

Green Field Expressway passing through Mohana passes near Chandavali and reaches Jewar Airport. Farmers demand that a cut should be made near Mohana for this expressway so that the people of Faridabad can also get the benefit of this green expressway. Local farmer Rahul Tanwar and protest organizer Devi Singh Lamba told that when Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal came to Panhera village several months ago, the farmers had demanded from him to make a cut near Mohana on the Green Expressway. The Chief Minister had assured them to get the cut made, but till date the cut has not been made. The farmers staged a symbolic protest on the KGP Express for some time and warned that if the cut is not made on this Green Expressway by March 3, , then Kisan KGP will be completely shut down by sitting on strike. Police officers reached the spot and started trying to convince the people. During this, there was a heated argument between the farmers and the policemen. The farmers blocked the expressway for about half an hour. Later, after persuasion by the police officers, the traffic jam was cleared.