Friday , April 19 2024

Fake passport case: Rahul has helped thirteen gangsters escape abroad by getting their passports made

Jaipur, April 2 (HS). Rahul, who was caught making fake passports from the Nepal border, has helped more than a dozen gangsters escape abroad by making fake documents. However, during interrogation, the accused said that he does not remember how many people's passports he has got made till now. But the accused has given information about many famous criminals during police interrogation. Not only this, the police is also interrogating the accused about how many miscreants involved in other crimes including economic crimes have got fake passports made.

Additional Director General of Police Crime and Anti Gangster Task Force Dinesh MN said that continuous interrogation is going on after the arrest of the main gangster Rahul Sarkar from Uttarakhand, who had prepared fake passports of many gangsters including Rohit Godara of Lawrence gang and sent them abroad. The fake passports that gangsters use to hide their identity and go abroad are mainly provided by a person named Rahul Sarkar. Police are investigating the documents found in the office of the accused in this case. Rahul Sarkar was arrested from Uttarakhand Nepal border by PHQ AGTF and Bikaner Police.

Dinesh MN told that even he himself does not remember how many passports were made by Rahul Sarkar, who was caught from the Nepal border, including the members of the Lawrence Gang. Police interrogation revealed that he used to charge Rs 1 to 2 lakh for fake passports. Now the police is getting the gangsters who have fled abroad to be identified by showing their photographs. Rahul, a resident of Uttarakhand, had opened an office in Sangam Vihar, Delhi in 2015 by becoming an agent. After some time, the accused had made fake passports of a girl and her parents. When the girl reached Dubai, she came in contact with a person from Lawrence gang. The girl told him about Rahul. Rahul got passports made for Ankit Jakhar and Sunil Yadav in February 2022 for Rs 1 lakh each. After that, in March, the passport of Lawrence's nephew Sachin Thapan was made for Rs 1.5 lakh. Then in June 2022, Rohit Godara was built for Rs 2 lakh. While applying for Tatkal Seva, if the police verification is not completed within 7 days then it is auto verified from the passport office. After this the passport is also issued. Rahul had been taking advantage of this and getting fake passports made. Now the police is interrogating and verifying the role of the policemen, post office employees and passport service employees involved in this process. Accused Rahul has got passports made from Delhi's Sangam Vihar and ITO Delhi Passport Office only. Bikaner Police has taken the accused Rahul on remand for 10 days. Based on the input, different teams are conducting raids in other states.