Friday , June 14 2024

Fake food items have direct impact on the digestive system, also risk of rare diseases: Satish Rai

Prayagraj, 19 February (HS). Food is necessary for everyone, the body gets nutrients from it. For physical and mental development and to remain healthy, it is necessary for the food to be pure. In this changing environment, in the greed of earning more money, some people adulterate food items with cheap and harmful substances which have serious side effects on the body. Renowned touch therapist Satish Rai said at SKR Yoga and Reiki Research Training and Natural Institute Reiki Centre.

-Increased risk of rare diseases

He said that the side effects of eating fake foods include loss of eyesight, heart disease, liver damage, leprosy, paralysis, cancer and suddenly increased risk of rare diseases. He told that in rare diseases the life span is only 4 to 6 months. To earn more, it is very important to stop this game of deadly profits.

-Open use of harmful materials

Satish Rai said that adulterated and harmful ingredients are being used openly to enhance the taste of food items. From grains, fruits and vegetables to milk and ghee, everything is being adulterated. Their continuous use is causing serious diseases. Adulteration has the biggest impact on our digestive system. Due to this, there is a flood of diseases coming every now and then which is having a complete impact on human life.

– Highest adulteration in ingredients made from milk products

Satish Rai said that the biggest impact of adulteration is in milk production and the products made from it. Dangerous things are mixed in it. 60 to 70 percent of the milk in the city comes from rural areas. Packing milk business is only 40 percent. In such a situation, out of the city's population of about 15 lakh, about 9 lakh people are consuming open milk. Fake milk is being used more in making sweets, cheese and mawa. Most of the items made from fake milk are being used indiscriminately in marriages and even in rural areas. He told that to identify fake milk, the color of real milk does not change when stored whereas fake milk turns yellow after some time. Real milk does not feel greasy when rubbed between the hands, whereas fake milk feels greasy like detergent when rubbed between the hands.

-Concrete action needed against adulterators

Satish Rai said that to prevent food adulteration, samples are taken from time to time by running campaigns at the government level. When festivals arrive, the concerned departments come out to supply the food. No concrete action is taken against these adulterators. That is why we are not able to control them.