Tuesday , June 18 2024

Eye-opening survey of voters, Trump-Biden's surprising place in the list of worst presidents in history

Donald Trump has been described as the worst president in America's history: When the presidential elections are going to be held in America this year, which is just a few months away, now a shocking survey has come out, in which Donald Trump has been described as the worst among all the presidents. 45 President of America. Current President Biden is at 14th place in this list.

A list of American leaders was released in the survey

After the elections to be held in America on November 5 this year, it will be decided who will become the President of the most powerful country in the world. It is worth noting that the way Donald Trump in the Republican Party and Joe Biden in the Democratic Party seem to be gaining over their opponents, there could be a fierce competition between them. Meanwhile, a day before President's Day in America, the list of American leaders has been released in the Presidential Greatness Project Expert Survey. According to the survey conducted between November 15 and December 31, former US President Donald Trump has been placed at the bottom of the list, while current US President Joe Biden has been ranked 14th.

The survey was conducted by a panel of experts

Vaughn of Coastal Carolina University and Rottinghaus of the University of Houston surveyed 154 scholars, including presidents of the American Political Science Association and current and recent members of executive politics departments. These experts explained to the public that their goal was to find out who would be the best president. All 45 Presidents of America have been included in this survey. It is noteworthy that a similar survey was also conducted in the years 2015 and 2018. The survey asked people to rate each president from 0 to 100. In which 0 means most unsuccessful, 50 means average and 100 means great. They then calculated the average score for each president and ranked them from first to last. There has been no significant change in the top position in this year's survey. The only major change to the list was Trump.

These presidents got first, second and third place

According to this survey, Abraham Lincoln has got the first place, who abolished slavery in the country. Not only this, he led the country during the civil war. Second on the list was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who guided America through the Great Depression and World War II. Whereas the first President George Washington was at third place in this list. The top three on the list were Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson and Harry Truman. Barack Obama, who was ninth in the previous list, is at seventh place this year.