Tuesday , July 23 2024

'EVMs can be tampered with, I have studied it in depth' Now this technocrat has also jumped into this controversy

Sam Pitroda's statement on EVM: Sam Pitroda, who has been embroiled in controversies since the Lok Sabha elections, has further escalated the controversy by making another statement. After first bringing a controversial proposal like inheritance tax, Sam Pitroda has now raised questions on EVMs. He has tweeted that the EVM system is not good. And it is appropriate to conduct elections through paper ballot system only.

Sam Pitroda said that the best system is to decide the victory or defeat in the election through ballot papers. Sam Pitroda wrote on X, 'I have worked in fields like electronics, telecom for more than 60 years. I have studied the EVM system in depth.' I believe that it can be manipulated. It would be best if elections are conducted through ballot papers and victory or defeat is decided by counting them.

Election Commission also reacted on EVM hacking case

The Election Commission has also reacted to the allegations of EVM hacking in Mumbai North West Lok Sabha seat. An official of the Commission said that EVM is a completely different thing. It is not connected to any electronics or internet. Therefore it cannot be hacked. Also, the claim that OTP is needed to unlock it is also wrong. BJP has demanded from the Election Commission that action should be taken against those who are defaming EVM.

The issue of EVM hacking was raised on social media

The controversy started with a media report. It was claimed that a relative of Mumbai North West Lok Sabha seat candidate Ravindra Waikar had linked the EVM to his mobile. The incident happened on June 4, the day the election results were coming. In this election, Ravindra Waikar won by a narrow margin of 48 votes. In this way, an attempt was made to change the result by hacking from the mobile. On the other hand, Elon Musk also raised questions on EVM by tweeting, while the matter has escalated, the Election Commission has clarified that there is no system like OTP in EVM.

He has given a statement on EVM issue earlier also

Sam Pitroda had said before the Lok Sabha elections that at present EVM is not a machine to be used independently in India. Apprehensions have started after connecting the VVPAT machine to the EVM machine. VVPAT is a separate device as it has hardware and software. A special connector called SLU is used to connect the VVPAT to the EVM. This SLU raises many concerns.