Tuesday , June 18 2024

EVM malfunction during mock poll in Kerala, Supreme Court issues notice to Election Commission

Supreme Court on EVM: The Supreme Court has sent a notice to the Election Commission on allegations of irregularities in electronic voting machines in Kerala and transfer of others' votes to BJP. The Supreme Court has asked the Election Commission to take cognizance of these complaints. The petition alleged that, 'During the mock polling in Kasaragod, Kerala, BJP got more votes. During the hearing of this case, Justice Dipankar Dutta and Justice Sanjeev Khanna asked the Election Commission's lawyer to take cognizance of this.

Supreme Court asked to investigate

Mock voting took place in Kasaragod, Kerala. BJP got one more vote in 4 EVMs and VVPAT. On the petition filed in this regard, the Supreme Court asked the Election Commission's lawyer Mahinder Singh to investigate the entire matter. Several petitions have been filed in the Supreme Court, demanding that all votes cast from EVMs be verified against VVPAT slips.

Earlier on Tuesday, there was a long and interesting discussion on this matter. Advocate Prashant Bhushan demanded that all VVPAT slips be counted. The Supreme Court said, 'How is this possible in a country like India.' Regarding this, Prashant Bhushan gave the example of a country like Germany and said, 'In Germany, elections are held only through ballot paper.' On this the Supreme Court said, 'There are only 6 crore citizens in Germany. This is just the population of my home state. Not only this, regarding the use of ballot paper in place of EVMs, the bench also said, 'We have also seen the era when elections were conducted through ballot paper. 'A machine gives correct results if there is no human intervention in it.'

Know what matters

lok sabha election 2024 In the first phase, voting will be held on 102 seats in 21 states on April 19. Meanwhile, questions are being raised on Electronic Voting Machine (EVM). Some reports have claimed that agents of LDF and UDF candidates for the Lok Sabha elections in Kasaragod on Wednesday (April 17) mistakenly recorded another vote in favor of the BJP in four EVMs. Booth agents of candidates of both the major alliances LDF and UDF in Kerala had lodged a complaint with the administration in this regard.