Friday , June 14 2024

European Union shocked by massacre of women and children, 26 countries demand ceasefire

26 countries of the European Union have demanded an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Since the Hamas attack on October 7, the Israeli army has been continuously attacking Gaza. The European Union has now come forward to stop the attacks on Rafah city.

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said on Monday that EU countries except Hungary had called for a “humanitarian pause” in attacks on Gaza. Borrell said that the foreign ministers of 26 member countries have agreed on a statement. On the basis of this statement, a demand has been made to immediately stop the war in Rafah. After this truce, the way for a permanent ceasefire will open. Israel's ally Hungary has distanced itself from this demand. Hungary often makes statements in support of Israel. This time also the statement of the union has come out.

More than 30 thousand people have died

According to a report, more than 30 thousand people have been killed in the Israel-Hamas war. After the October 7 attack, Hamas had taken about 250 Israeli citizens hostage. About 100 of them are still under the control of Hamas. After Hamas rocket attacks, Israel has continued military operations against Hamas. Palestine civilians are being killed in this campaign. In view of these circumstances, the European Union has now come forward. The coalition has demanded a ceasefire on Gaza.

What did the Foreign Minister of India say?

Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar, who reached Germany on Saturday, also talked about the Israel-Hamas war. He said that Israel should be aware of the deaths happening in Gaza. The Foreign Minister termed the rocket attack on Israel by Hamas on October 7 as 'terrorism'. During this period, the foreign ministers of America and Germany were also present.

children and women are dying

According to a report, most Palestinian women and children are being killed during Israeli military operations. On the other hand, Israel says that it is taking care of the safety of Palestinian civilians during military operations.