Tuesday , June 18 2024

Environment protection priority of governance: Chief Minister Dr. Yadav

Bhopal, 20 February (HS). Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav said that environmental protection activities aimed at saving the earth are the priority of the state government. Necessary decisions will be taken by the state government on the suggestions received from experts related to protecting the environment. Saplings will be made available to the general public through various nurseries for plantation in the cities of the state. Spaces will be reserved by urban and rural bodies for the development of greenery. Along with this, solar energy will be promoted and the use of single use plastic will be curbed.

Chief Minister Dr. Yadav was addressing the environment conference at Ravindra Sabhagam on Tuesday. He said that the environmentalists and religious leaders who came to the environment conference in Bhopal are doing commendable work to protect the environment. Indian culture is linked to nature. Our lifestyle calls for respect for trees, plants and forests. We consider Vasudha as family. Ancient literature was composed on Bhoj leaves. We decorate the mangal door with mango leaves. The country which God has connected with nature is also giving a new message to the world.

He said that India's fame is increasing in the world under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi set an example that while many countries of the world are engaged in expanding power through force, India is giving the message of peace to the world. Prime Minister Modi's determination to distribute medicines to other nations at the time of Covid and bring good results with everyone's cooperation in the environment sector is a reflection of Prime Minister Modi's leadership ability.

The Chief Minister said that despite being in the field of politics, former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh is associated with the important campaign of environmental protection. They are our role models. His work of planting saplings every day for the last three years is inspiring. He has connected various societies, children and elders with plantation of saplings. Madhya Pradesh government will do maximum work for environmental protection.

He welcomed the participants of the environment conference and congratulated them and said that today many environmentalists, religious leaders and public representatives of the country have come here. Dr. Yadav said that Shivraj Singh connected many people with the work of planting one tree every day, this is a matter of inspiration for us. If citizens want to plant trees on their birth anniversary or on any other occasion, saplings will be made available to them through the tree bank. Citizens will get full support for installation of solar panels while promoting solar energy. Sanchi Solar City has become famous in the state. This work will expand to other cities and villages.

Shivraj made citizens pledge to plant one tree every day

Former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that today the citizens here took the initiative to plant at least one tree in a year, support Prime Minister Modi in achieving the target of net zero by the year 2070, installation of solar panels in homes, not using single use plastic. And have resolved to treat sons and daughters equally. A pledge has also been taken to cooperate in the joint efforts of the government and society by preparing a team of environmentally conscious citizens in every city and village. Such efforts are necessary to keep the earth safe. Chauhan said that he is confident that Madhya Pradesh will move forward on the path of progress under the leadership of Chief Minister Dr. Yadav. Chauhan also expressed his gratitude to the representatives of various environmental organizations who had come. He made the citizens pledge to plant one tree every day.

Addresses from environmental experts

Invited environmentalist Padmabhushan Dr. Anil Joshi said that today developed countries are going through many troubles. Everyone should be serious towards nature. In Madhya Pradesh, along with economic development, accounts of the work being done for nature conservation is being maintained, which is exemplary.

Renowned lyricist Sameer Anjaan said that after making the record of writing the maximum number of songs, he has now resolved to write songs focused on environment. It has also been resolved to donate ten percent of the earned income to organizations like Heart-Fullness. Renowned environmentalist and spiritual guru Kamlesh D Patel (Daaji) said that the Indian life tradition includes important habits in terms of respect and conservation of nature. These also include not plucking Tulsi or other plants after sunset and worshiping Peepal and other trees. Man does not give anything to those trees which give us the best taste of fruits. The cooperation of organizations like Sanatan Parivar, Gayatri Parivar, Maa Ashapura Darbar in the Environment Conference is commendable.

Deputy Chief Minister Rajendra Shukla said that glaciers are melting today. This is a warning to the nations of the world. Therefore, it is necessary that more and more trees are planted so that sufficient vital air is available. Former Chief Minister Chauhan has been planting trees every day for three years. This work has become a movement. Transport and School Education Minister Uday Pratap Singh, Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Minister Govind Singh Rajput, Bhopal Mayor Malti Rai, MP Ramakant Bhargava, former MP Alok Sanjar, Sumit Pachauri and other public representatives, Heart-fulness organization and other social organizations were present in the program. Members, officials and environment lovers, citizens were present.

In the programme, Brahma Kumari Didis welcomed Chief Minister Dr. Yadav, former Chief Minister Chouhan and other guests. Daaji's environment related book published by Ramchandra Mission was released by Chief Minister Dr. Yadav and environmentalist Joshi. At the end of the program, the guests and all present paid tribute to Acharya Vidyasagar ji by observing two minutes silence on his demise.