Thursday , April 18 2024

Employed people have double the risk of cancer

Day-to-day work and mental stress not only affect the mental health of the youth but can also make them prone to cancer by the time they retire from service. A study conducted by the Indian Council of Ayurveda in New Delhi revealed the fact that one-third of the employees are suffering from metabolic syndrome. This is such a health condition that people under the age of 45 with this symptom may have double the risk of cancer by the age of 65. This study was conducted on youth working in three major IT companies of National Institute of Nutrition under ICMR. All the employees were under 30 years of age. During the investigation, it was found that one out of every two employees was overweight or obese. Six out of 10 workers were found to have high cholesterol levels. This indicates future heart disease.

Metabolic syndrome increases disease in the body

Metabolic syndrome is not a disease in itself, but a condition. Due to this the causes of diseases increase. Hypertension, diabetes, obesity, cholesterol are collectively called metabolic syndrome. Apart from heart disease, this increases the risk of diseases like cancer and stroke.

Inappropriate food and environment at work

According to the researcher, most of the youth are employed in areas like IT and business process outsourcing. But the food and environment of the workplace makes them fat and unhealthy. A study report titled 'Impact of disease and nutritional disorders on occupational health' has been published in the medical journal MDPI.

This disease was observed:

Most of the youth were overweight when examined by personnel. 16.85 percent youth were victims of obesity. 3.89 percent youth were facing diabetes-like symptoms and 64.93 percent were facing high cholesterol levels.