Monday , May 20 2024

Egypt sold the city due to lack of money, this country became the buyer

Egypt is currently facing a serious economic crisis. In such a situation, he is busy selling his cities. After Egypt, now the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is going to sell one of its cities to Turkey. Egypt has been forced to do this after a worrying decline in foreign exchange reserves.

According to a report, India's ally country Egypt is preparing to sell the city of Alexandria to Turkey. The Ras al-Hikma field, located about 350 km northwest of the capital Cairo, will be sold to the United Arab Emirates for $22 billion. It is ready to sell Alexandria, known for its historical and cultural importance, to Turkey. After purchasing this city, Turkey's search for a big port for shipping and supplies in Africa will end, because Turkey wants to build a big port in Africa.

Alexandria, a city founded by Alexander

It is said that the city of Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great. Alexandria has been occupied by many cultures, so the city's identity is both historical and cultural. It is said that the Turks living in Alexandria during the Ottoman Empire had strong cultural and historical ties with the Ottoman Empire. In such a situation, Turkey has an old relationship with Alexandria. So Turkey can easily get the sale or lease of this city. Political analysts believe that Turkey's relations with Egypt will improve if Turkey buys the city of Alexandria. Apart from this, both the countries will also get many types of economic benefits.

Both countries will benefit – experts

The city of Alexandria is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Analysts believe that after leasing Alexandria, Turkey will create a new commercial and logistics center here. In such a situation, both Turkey and Egypt will have the power to establish a foothold in Africa. Egypt does not have enough money to develop the city of Alexandria, so cooperation with Turkey will increase trade resources.