Tuesday , June 18 2024

Education system in Jharkhand is on the verge of collapse: Yajnavalkya Shukla

Ranchi, 19 February (HS). Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) organized a one-day student protest in front of Raj Bhavan on Monday against the prevailing educational malpractices in the state. On the occasion, ABVP National General Secretary Yagyavalkya Shukla said that the students' protest is for the employment of the students. This is for the better future of the students, so that the coming generations do not ask us where we were when there was looting in Jharkhand. There are many universities where there is no permanent registrar. Many degree colleges do not have a permanent principal; one principal is given the responsibility of several colleges. After all, after getting education and being deprived of education, today the youth are wandering here and there due to unemployment. Jharkhand government had made many promises but in the name of fulfilling the promises, it has only done the work of providing food. Efforts are being made indiscriminately in Jharkhand to put the future of students at stake through corruption in all competitive examinations.

He said that the education system in the entire Jharkhand state is on the verge of collapse. I want to ask the Raj Bhavan as well as the State Government as to what is the compulsion that the Vice Chancellor appointments were stopped midway. Raj Bhavan should issue a white paper regarding this and give an explanation to the common students as to why the Vice Chancellor appointment process was stopped midway. Not conducting student union elections, not restoring Senate and Syndicate also raises question marks on the intentions of the people in power here. A new system of plunder is visible in Jharkhand. If outsourcing is not done away with in time, it will engulf the entire education system.