Sunday , May 19 2024

Echo of India's farmers' movement echoed in the British Parliament, a Sikh MP raised the issue of farmers' safety – News India Live

The echo of the farmers' movement that started afresh in India has also reached the British Parliament.

Talks between the agitating farmers and the government have not been successful so far. The agitation has further flared up due to the death of a young man due to bullet injury on Wednesday. However, the police have denied that the youth died in police firing.

Now British MPs have also started interfering in the ongoing farmers movement in India. Sikh MP Tanmanjit Singh Dhesi raised the issue of death of a youth in the farmers' movement in Britain in the British Parliament.

He said that the Sikh community and local Gurudwara committees have written letters to me expressing concern over the safety of farmers in the movement. An agitator was killed in a police encounter and died due to bullet injury. Punjab government has also supported it. Is the British government in support of the human rights of farmers and has the British government taken any action in this regard?

On this question, Conservative Party leader Penny Modont replied that this is a serious matter. The government supports the right to protest with protection. The Minister of External Affairs will reply to you soon.

Two states of India are making conflicting claims regarding the death of a youth in the farmers' movement. Haryana Police says that the youth did not die during the protest, while the Punjab Government is saying that the farmer died due to bullet injury.